Development of Eclpside Last Update

The FocuStars team is responsible for the development of eclipside, its development and evolution is slow and progressive but safe !.

In FocuStars we have a very small work team (only 2 programmers and 2 artists) who can not dedicate one hundred percent of their time and energy to FocuStars projects due to the lack of direct appeal.

FocuStars Games is also responsible for the development of 2 video games more, which have not been published yet.But they are progressing more and more and will be revealed in the course of this year 2017.

If you want to help the FocuStars team to continue developing eclipse and other future projects you can do it with a simple donation to the following paypal account through this email:

Many thanks from the FocuStars team.

Coming soon in the game

- more ships in your fleet
- more ships in the enemy fleet
- different spaces
- different types of enemies
- and more
The eclipse updates will be prograsive and will be published on this official page

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