About the game

Eclipse is an action / strategy game where with your naval war commander skill you must fight against the waves of enemy ships that try to attack you to destroy the little humanity remaining. It is a survival game by random rounds, consisting of 6 different ships on your side to defend you from the attackers Ends the rounds with life and continues to rise level

Eclpside Fist Contact is still in development and The game is updated every two weeks, but you can download a build that is intended for testing and debugging. Before playing the debug build, please keep in mind than The game is not complete. Lastest Builts

Some Captures of the game

Eclpside Fist Contact

In the 27th century humanity is on the verge of extinction, the land has frozen more than 250 years ago destroying the basis of a perfect civilization that with great effort man created. Now they are succumbed to misery, to misfortune, to terror.Each year that passes the earth becomes more and more frozen, making them increasingly uninhabitable for humans, billions of deaths in just the first 50 years, after 200 years. We were just a small handful of humans alive ... The 5 remaining colonies decided to make their last leap of faith. All or nothing, live or die, in 2 years built 5 of the largest ships ever created called them "arcadias".

The arcadias represented a last breath of hope for humanity, only 3 of the 5 arcadias were ready before the last great wave of cold. And the little humanity that was left leap into the void of space with only a fleet of 3 large coffers of life.

Of the more than 25 billion people on earth and the space colonies surrounding it, only 1 million people survived the rest ... all dead.

But there was still hope. A planet called Wolf 1061 almost 12 light years from Earth promised to be habitable, to have water, to have life. It seemed to be the last drop of hope in an ocean of eternal death and misery. The arcadias traveled at 50% of light speed, it seemed possible! It would be a journey of 22 years. But after almost 250 years, they are only 22 ?.

My name is Nivea I am one of the 17 super computers on board the arcadia and I will tell you how humanity seals its destiny. Forever...

Coming soon in the game

- more ships in your fleet
- more ships in the enemy fleet
- different spaces
- different types of enemies
- and more
The eclipse updates will be prograsive and will be published on this official page

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